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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 75M Version: 1.0.182
Updated: February 8, 2021 Developer : NetEase Games


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LifeAfter is an open world apocalyptic survival game. After gathering, cutting down trees, mining, and hunting to obtain basic resources, players can use them to cook food, make weapons and defense gear, and other items needed to survive. The game has day and night changes, in the cold night, you must stay by the campfire or hold a torch to avoid frostbite.

The game focuses on cooperative survival in the wasteland, with the main concept of guiding players to help each other in the wasteland to overcome the harsh survival environment. With the virtual joystick as the main operation method, camp construction, map exploration, resource collection and combat confrontation are the main means to help players gradually improve their abilities and manor level. At the same time, the game also strengthens the concept of players independently collecting resources, making tools, building homes and camps, and puts more emphasis on the mutual collaboration between players to finally operate the exclusive camps.

A blizzard of devastating viruses plagued the entire world, bringing about a catastrophic disintegration of orders and covenants.

As night falls, the world turns into a living hell, filled with infected people. Finally able to rest for a moment is and find a place to relax the soles of your feet when you find yourself exhausted, worn out, low on ammunition, and plagued by the cold of the night. And will hear the roar of the infected getting closer and closer and know that it will be another night full of anxiety and fear. So how long can you survive?

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How to play

The world has now become a strange place in a wave of viral epidemics. Survivors' lives are constantly threatened by disease, famine, colds, infected people and organizations with hidden agendas. In the midst of all these dangers, one must remain calm and believe that there is a way out.

Almost all props require a recipe to craft, the vast majority of which can be obtained by drawing from the recipe research table. Most props are painted, and different paints bring different effects.

Explore every corner of the post-apocalyptic world - in a city full of infected people, an abandoned mine, a rundown university or a cold forest on high ground - to gather the necessary materials to survive. Need to know how to hunt and collect food, how to heal wounds and how to protect yourself.

Be extra careful when you encounter other survivors who may attack you for loot. If not, you can choose to share with them the food, ammunition and adventure stories.

Build the ultimate human sanctuary with your friends.

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