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Endzone - A World Apart
Endzone - A World Apart
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OS/Platform: PC
Size: 6GB Version: PC
Updated: March 19, 2021 Developer : Gentlymad Studios


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Endzone: A World Apart is a post-apocalyptic city management strategy game from Gentlymad Studios, developed by Assemble Entertainment, WhisperGam is a post-apocalyptic city management strategy game, a bit like Frostpunk. Other games in the same genre include Cities: Skylines, Age of Z Origins, and Rise of Empires.

The central goal of the game is to gather a group of refugees from underground nuclear shelters to explore a world in ruins. The planet has been destroyed by nuclear weapons, has experienced drastic climate change, and is very unsuitable for life to survive. Although you don't need to fight demons and monsters in the game, you will face various disasters and human-built settlements will still be subject to many threats. Radiation and radioactive rainfall, droughts, sandstorms, food and fresh water shortages, all these problems will test your leadership and decision-making power.

At first, you need to arrange some things for the inhabitants, from a base vehicle to slowly gather resources, collect food, make tools and so on, slowly let the community thrive, from the game's scene style can be seen is the world of radiation contamination, may be due to war or other reasons caused by pollution and so on. The game content is more modern design sense, including: hospitals, generators, pumping machines, etc.. You need to collect basic resources, food collection, distribution of housing, etc.; your residents will have some social behavior such as: and like to live together contains the birth of children; at the beginning of the base car near the resources are quite a lot, there are trees, hunting, orchards, waste, and so on, so the initial development will not cause you any big problems, just a lot of collection of resources. After that you will slowly face a shortage of resources and be forced to start developing outward and go out to collect resources, but you may encounter various weather conditions, so you need to take appropriate precautions, for example: in a drought you need to store water early; in a sandstorm you need to settle the residents to avoid them being hurt.

In short, you will encounter a variety of challenges throughout the game, I believe you will be able to do!

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How to play

The game will have you leading people to build a new civilization in the post-apocalyptic world after the nuclear explosion. Make new homes with everyone in a shattered world and provide them with shelter. And to survive the frequent radiation, acid rain, sandstorms and drought and other harsh environments. So resources and buildings are very important in the whole game process. For example, the most important "water", if the lack of water, then many people will die of thirst, so we must pay attention to resources! You may be able to come up with a better way to collect water: water towers or cisterns, cisterns can provide the most basic storage of water, "water tower" will be able to use charcoal to water to further purify the water radiation. Can not always rely on the "well" to get water, it can only be used for emergencies, mainly because a place to build more than one will affect the efficiency of water production, completely dry when used to make up the number of top effect is good.

Food is the most basic survival needs, you can sow food in the farmland and plantations, you can choose some long-term production of high food, you can also choose a good short-term growth of crops to try, it's all up to you to decide. You can coordinate, arrange and let them divide the work. You can also get food by collecting and hunting. The building for collecting food basically relies on the limited resources on the map, but many resources cannot be obtained in the late drought, and you have to rely on planting fields.

You can also collect some other resources, such as waste, wood, medicine, "recycling point", "refinery" can be processed into plastic, metal, etc., "charcoal cave" is to turn wood into charcoal.

After the basic survival problems are solved, you will see that the reservoir is almost full, if full it is best to continue to build a reservoir or water tower to store for future problems.

Herbs can be used to make medicine, build a hospital to make medicine, can prevent residents from dying of disease, etc.. Tailor workshop can be used to make radiation-proof clothing, tool workshop is to make tools, to improve efficiency, refinery is a must build, refinery can be made at the same time fabric, plastic, metal, electronic components four resources to further improve the base.

Sorters can be allocated more, because this occupation is corresponding to the refinery, later construction or manufacturing clothing will need.

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