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Dead Age 2
Dead Age 2
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OS/Platform: PlayStation Xbox
Size: 7GB Version: PlayStation
Updated: March 13, 2021 Developer : Silent Dreams


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DeadAge is a turn-based light Action-RPG series! Developed by Silent Dreams and published by Headup, it is a combination of action, adventure, and role-playing game in which you can enjoy a unique combination of role-playing, roguelike, fast-paced turn-based combat, and survival! Other games in the same genre include Shelter: A Survival Card Game, Dead Rain: New Zombie Virus, Radiation Island, and many more!

This game is inspired by Darkest Dungeon, Fallout 1+2, This is My War, and The Walking Dead.

The game greatly expands on the possibilities of DeadAge I, and - most importantly - all the additions (moving around the map, providing resources, base improvements, etc.) are meaningful and worthwhile enhancements to the original gameplay. That's how sequels are made! Play it to a certain point, and you can't help but enjoy it. Don't worry! You don't have to know the previous episodes, even if you haven't played Corpse Chronicles 1, you can easily play through the various stories of Corpse Chronicles 2.

Upon entering the game you will be immediately thrown into a large number of plot missions, and all your decisions will directly affect the entire subsequent development of the plot.

In the 10th year of the first outbreak of zombies, all the members of Jack's camp fled to Freedom City, where a cure for the zombie virus was developed, but this backfired, and the news brought them more difficulties. . When the Independence Army's sanctuary is overrun by zombies, the few remaining survivors fight for starvation food and precious resources in a brutal world with constant gang looting and cannibalistic zombies, but you still have a good chance of emerging from the zombie environment and even becoming a classic!

Are you ready to fight the zombies to the end? If you like an exciting adventure, don't miss it, come to DeadAge2, let's become "classic" together!

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How to play

The game does not require you to understand the plot and gameplay of the previous work. Once you enter the game you will be able to quickly understand the entire game mechanics of the game.

After you start, you need to create your own character, choose weapons, occupation and ability, which can be chosen by personal preference, long-range weapons are recommended to choose shotgun, pistol output is low, rifle bullets are difficult to obtain, shotgun bullets moderate amount, and has better control skills and AOE; occupation is recommended to choose technician, technician can build camp facilities, more important in the early camp management; ability is recommended to Choose production, you can ensure that the early bullets have a stable source.

The game contains home making and management, you can build the items you need in the camp, you can also make some tools, ammunition, and most of all, you can also grow some fruits and vegetables, etc. This will satisfy the daily necessities and food of the camp, and you can also avoid going out to explore the supplies. You can arrange them to carry out the corresponding division of labor and let the characters complete the corresponding roles, but you have to remember that the character carrying out the work is not able to carry out the day out to explore.

In the process of going out to explore you may have a battle at any time, you need to be ready to fight at any time while collecting some useful resources for construction (such as building materials, scrap, etc.) or daily consumption (such as bullets, bandages, etc.).

The game's plot events and random battles will have several options for you to choose from, but each choice will have different effects and consequences on the subsequent development of the game, and different options will affect the goodwill of different forces in the confrontation, the level of goodwill also determines the attitude of the force to you - high goodwill will provide you with help or establish a trading relationship, low goodwill you will be attacked including your camp, so you need to choose carefully.

You need to make sure you have enough food and water in the early stages and plan your exploration route.


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