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Traffic Cop 3D
Traffic Cop 3D
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 177.21MB Version: 1.3.1
Updated: November 2, 2021 Developer : Kwalee Ltd


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Traffic Cop 3D is a casual game where you can jump behind the wheel of a patrol car and start scanning license plates. Your goal in this game is to drive down the road and scan all the license plates you see to determine if the driver has committed a violation.

In the midst of the city's seedy underworld, a police officer fights alone against the dangers of the traffic ahead. Stopping crime, this officer is the only hero of the city to protect it.

Patrol the streets at night and keep a close eye on the cars around you. Think you've found a criminal? Then it's time to scan their license plates and test your instincts. Don't let the crooks escape and flee to the highway, chase them and pull them over before it's too late.

Traffic Cop 3D is, as you might imagine, a game about becoming a traffic cop presented in three dimensions. You drive your cruiser around looking for criminals, engaging in chases and running people off the road. It's fun, but if you want to get the most out of the experience, you have to know a few things. 

Whether you're out to arrest your first criminal or you've already caught some villains, you'll find something here to take your police skills to the next level.

Players play as a real traffic cop in this Traffic Cop 3D game and have a lot of fun going on patrol and arresting criminals every day. There are very many tasks waiting for you to complete, and you can also experience the thrill of driving a police car!

Justice is waiting, Traffic Cop 3D

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How to play

In Traffic Cop 3D, players are tasked with scanning the highways for vehicles and chasing them down in case they decide to go off the rails. These stubborn citizens are breaking the rules of the road and it's up to you to arrest them, fine them or let them get away with it.

Traffic Cop 3D features a 3D graphic with a bird's eye view. To move your radar gun, simply swipe your finger in any direction on your smartphone screen. In this way, you can identify all license plates and decide if a driver deserves a ticket.

If you choose to stop, you must first listen to all of the driver's excuses. This is the final step in deciding whether to issue a ticket based on whether the person was speeding or not.

Traffic Cop 3D has an original premise where you play as a cop who must catch speed demons. Using your radar gun, you can identify drivers who are breaking the law and endangering other citizens.

When you unlock new moves, the system will tell you that you need to watch a video to unlock them. This is not the case. Skip the video and you'll find new moves - megaphone, crash, chase, etc. - available in the next level.

If you just start crashing, it won't stop. Instead, you will need to try to pull it over first. Once you've finished it and it doesn't comply, you can start driving behind it. Eventually, everything is fine, it will stop, and you can deliver justice like a control freak.

When you get a chance to chase the car, you should catch it. But they made a nice change from scanning license plates and deciding what to do. Use your common sense in deciding what to do with the people you pull over - in fact, in deciding whether you should pull them over - to make the right choice. If their record is mostly green, it's best to make them green. If they're red, pull them over and arrest or fine them, depending on the severity of their crime. 

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