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Destiny 2
Destiny 2
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OS/Platform: PC PlayStation Xbox
Size: 50GB Version: PC
Updated: August 28, 2017 Developer : Bungie


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As you enter the world of Destiny 2, you'll find yourself in a science-fiction universe filled with danger and adventure. You'll take on the role of a Guardian, a powerful warrior tasked with defending humanity against a variety of threats.

The game is split into several campaigns, each with its own unique story and challenges. In the main campaign, you'll battle against the Red Legion, a powerful alien force that has invaded Earth and seeks to destroy the Guardians once and for all.

Throughout the game, you'll explore a variety of planets and moons, each with its own unique environments and enemies. You'll battle against hordes of alien creatures, as well as other Guardians in player-versus-player modes.

One of the key features of Destiny 2 is the game's loot system. As you progress through the game, you'll earn new weapons, armor, and other items that can be used to customize your Guardian and improve your skills.

In addition to the main story campaign, there are also a number of side quests and activities to explore. You can take on challenging raids with other players, participate in public events on various planets, and even compete in player-versus-player modes to test your skills against other Guardians.

Overall, Destiny 2 is a thrilling adventure that will take you on a journey through a vast and dangerous universe. With its engaging storytelling, immersive world, and exciting gameplay, it's sure to keep you hooked for hours on end.

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How to play

Destiny 2 is a complex and challenging game that requires careful planning and strategy to master. Here are some tips on how to play the game:

1. Choose your class: Before diving into the game, you'll need to choose your class. Each class has its own unique abilities and strengths, so be sure to choose the one that best fits your playstyle.

2. Complete the main story campaign: The main story campaign is the heart of the game, and it's important to complete it to fully experience the game's narrative. Follow the objectives and complete each mission to progress through the story.

3. Explore the worlds: The game's open-world environment is vast and filled with hidden treasures, side missions, and collectibles. Take the time to explore each world and discover all it has to offer.

4. Upgrade your weapons and armor: As you progress through the game, you'll earn new weapons, armor, and other items that can be used to customize your Guardian and improve your skills. Be sure to choose the best equipment for your playstyle and upgrade it as much as possible.

5. Participate in public events: Public events are dynamic missions that can be completed with other players. These events can be a great way to earn valuable rewards and experience points, so be sure to participate in them whenever possible.

6. Take on raids: Raids are the most challenging missions in the game and require a team of players to complete. Be sure to team up with other Guardians and coordinate your efforts to overcome the challenging obstacles and earn valuable rewards.

7. Compete in player-versus-player modes: If you're looking for a challenge, player-versus-player modes can be a great way to test your skills against other Guardians. Be sure to choose the mode that best fits your playstyle and use your abilities and weapons strategically to outsmart your opponents.

Overall, playing Destiny 2 requires a mix of exploration, strategy, and skill. Follow these tips to become a master Guardian and unlock all the game has to offer.

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