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OS/Platform: PC
Size: 1G Version: PC
Updated: January 18, 2021 Developer : Iron Gate AB


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Valheim is an upcoming survival and sandbox video game by the Swedish developer Iron Gate Studio. Published by Coffee Stain Studios, it was released in early access on 2 February 2021 for Windows and Linux on Steam. The game was developed by a five-person team, building on development work that Richard Svensson had undertaken as a side project in his spare time.

Valheim is a purgatory-style 1-10 player exploration and survival game inspired by Viking culture and procedurally generated. Fight, build and conquer to create your own legendary epic and earn Odin's favor!

In the game, you are a warrior who died in battle, and the Valkyries ferry your soul to the Pantheon of Spirits, the tenth godly realm in the North. Instead, you are trapped here by some chaos and ancient enemies of the gods, you are the newest guardian of this primordial purgatory, and your task is to slay Odin's old enemies and bring due order to the Imperium.

Your trials will begin in the more peaceful center of the Temple of the Spirits, but the gods will only bless and reward the brave. Explore the majestic forests and snow-capped mountains, exploring and acquiring more valuable resources to craft more dangerous weapons, stronger armor, and build Viking fortresses and outposts. You can also build an invincible Viking longship and start sailing the Endless Sea in search of exotic territories ...... Note: Don't stray too far from the course...

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How to play

Explore and live in this mysterious land in a vast procedurally generated open world, from secretive forests to magnificent snow-capped mountains and beautiful grasslands, with unique and legendary species to fight and a variety of wildlife to hunt.

Explore alone or with your trusted allies, the Shrine of the Spirits supports the unlimited creation of independent player-hosted servers. Recommended number of co-op players: 3-5.

Features a wide variety of weapons and a combat system based on punitive dodging and blocking.

Build & sail ships - from fragile rafts to majestic warships, build epic ships to conquer the seas and discover new lands.

Summon and defeat the evil primordial spirits of myth and legend and gain loot to evolve to craft newer and more powerful items.

Motorized house building system - build halls, farms, dwellings, outposts, castles, and more.

Intuitive item crafting - build the best weapons and armor, cook food, and honey wine.

The premise of the game is that players are Vikings in an afterlife where they have to craft tools, build shelters and fight enemies to survive.[4] The game uses stylized 3D graphics with a third-person perspective and a combat system inspired by action games. Co-operative gameplay with up to ten people and optional PvP gameplay is also supported.

There are multiple biomes available for the player as they progress throughout the game, ranging from meadows, black forests, swamps, mountains, plains, ocean, islands, deep north, and Ashlands. Each biome is unique and has its own difficulty level with different enemies, bosses, and items. Combat ranges between close combat with both one and two-handed weapons, shields, and long-range bows. Players can travel through the different biomes by either foot or boat, where the boats range from rafts to full Viking longships.

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