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Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 299.55MB Version: 2.3.9
Updated: August 29, 2021 Developer : Rovio Entertainment Oyj


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Bad Piggies is a blend of platform and puzzle game in which you need to control the highly combative green pigs to fight the infamous enemies, yes, the angry birds. In this game, the positions of the enemy and I swap, opening up a different style of the game.

The bad pigs are chasing eggs again - but as usual, nothing goes according to plan! Can you create the ultimate flying machines and safely guide them to their destination? Those crafty pigs have a few items they can use, but they'll need your help to turn these into the perfect vehicle!

At the beginning of each level, the green pigs can reach different locations on the map through ingenious devices, while you can also build cars, planes and many other crazy vehicles.

First, use the objects provided by the game to build your own vehicle. Next, it's time to set off in your vehicle. Very often, you do not reach the end of the line, the vehicle is destroyed and fat pigs are thrown out of the car. This is exactly what the creators of the game wanted to see.

Through the game provides up to 30 different goals you can build their own transportation, although generally speaking driving vehicles are usually more difficult, the general ending has been green pig flying into the air and end.

With over 200 levels throughout the game, you can enjoy hours of pig-bashing, explosion and flying fun! You can arrange each goal through your own wisdom, and in addition, you can do everything possible to get a perfect score of three stars to pass the game.

Bad Piggies is such a fun and popular game that after completing all the tasks you can collect all the skulls to enter the sandbox mode, which allows you to enter the levels without setting any obstacles to run.

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How to play

In "Bad Piggies", the protagonist becomes those green piglets, piglets are the main role of the game, but some levels will appear in the sleeping "Angry Birds" in the birds, some levels in the birds role such as close to the piglets a little, will jump on the slingshot to the piglets attack. By matching a limited number of parts assembled into a tool that allows the piggy can move from the beginning to the end. Each level has a different task. Before the game begins, you must assemble movable items (such as vehicles and flying machines) with parts within a limited number of squares and make the items reach the end. In each level, the number of cells, parts and conditions have been set and cannot be changed,

After the game starts, players can also manipulate balloons, soda bottles, motors, sandbags and other parts.

The main goal is to create a device with the provided materials and use it to reach the goal at the end of the level. The parts provided vary in ability and quality, with some requiring manual launch of parts, such as rockets and soda bottles, and others requiring automatic operation using motors. Since the game follows the laws of gravity, parts will break due to forces and some parts are heavier than others. Certain parts, such as metal rather than wood, have greater durability. If completing a level is difficult, players can also use energy props, such as making vehicles faster, making parts more durable, or mechanical pigs that can create devices for the player.

While the final goal needs to be reached to advance to the next level, there are optional obstacles and collectibles to fully complete a level and earn three stars; these range from collecting "star boxes" at various locations or completing the level within a time limit, or device restrictions, such as completing the level without using specific parts or without machine damage. Levels. Each day, three crates can be found at random levels. When collected, players receive items and props, and sometimes even custom skins for parts. There is also a chance to earn bolts that can be used to create random part skins. The rewards offered by crates vary and depend on what type of crate it is

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