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OS/Platform: PC PlayStation Xbox
Size: 50GB Version: PlayStation
Updated: September 25, 2020 Developer : Hangar 13


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MAFIA TRILOGY is an action role-playing game.Set in the fictional city of Lost Paradise (based on Chicago) in the 1930s, the game follows the history of cab driver Tom Angelo as he floats through the Salieri mob family.

The game has been refreshed and remastered to allow players to level the playing field in the mafia during that prohibition era. After an accidental run-in with a gangster, Tommy Angelo is forced to step into the world of the Four Seas Brothers. At first he also felt uneasy because of joining the Salieri family, however, the lucrative rewards still made him hard to resist.

Remastered in HD, players will play a kingpin in the golden age of the Four Seas Brothers. In order to pay off his father's debts, war hero Vito Scaletta hooks up with the Mafia. With the help of his partner Joe, Vito struggles to prove himself, and by committing crimes with more rewards, more fame, and more serious consequences, he gains more and more weight among the mob families.

Lincoln Clay experienced years of war in Vietnam, and when his black gang family was betrayed and exterminated by the Italian Mafia, he inherited the legacy of his original family and founded a new family to take revenge on the mafia members involved.

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How to play

An exact replica of the original game, with new model resources and an expanded storyline built from the ground up, while retaining the original missions and content.

Players control Tommy Angelo in the game's single-player campaign, exploring the world on foot or by car. The remake introduces motorcycles to the series for the first time.

The game uses the gameplay mechanics of Mafia III, plus adds a "Classic Difficulty" mode, in which the game will be played on the highest difficulty and requires planning to use ammunition, in addition to dealing with the police response to various crimes, which is consistent with the original 2002 version.

In addition to the main storyline mode, the game also adds a "Free Ride", modeled after the original, which allows players to explore the city freely and without being bound by mission objectives. However, the game combines the original "Free Ride" and "Free Ride Extreme" modes into one, and the bizarre and unconventional side missions in the Extreme mode are incorporated as hidden secrets for The game combines the original "Free Ride" and "Free Ride Extreme" modes.

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