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OS/Platform: PC
Size: 2GB Version: PC
Updated: April 19, 2018 Developer : KAGAMI WORKs


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This is a "beauty girl + gem elimination + GALGAME" combined game. You meet all kinds of beautiful girls in the other world, and when you fight with them, you have a deeper set of rules than the sea. These self-proclaimed noble thief elves, indecisive dragon maids, queens who like the same sex, forest huntresses who keep their faces in captivity are all captured by you by any means and performed breathtaking operations ~.

Legend has it that there is a magical mirror that is linked to the fate of countless beautiful women.

If you get it, you will be able to enter the world of these beautiful women and experience a wonderful journey.

There are noble born, but rebellious nature, like to rob the rich to help the poor to do justice to the dark elven thieves.

There are inherited family mission, exorcise demons, the need to serve the gods of the witch for life.

There is a Taoist temple in the back of the mountain sealed a hundred years of beautiful zombies.

The use of traditional three-fold mode, but the addition of the "skill gems" can change the game.

To experience a wonderful journey.

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How to play

The traditional three-disaster mode is used, but the "skill gems" that can change the game are added.

Each gem has its own unique skills, and you can choose which skills and props to use before you go into battle.

The game has some plot options that will affect the battle attributes and ending of the girl, each character has two endings and several CG.

The squares to be eliminated are divided into four types: physical attacks (crossed swords), magic attacks (pink stars), healing (medicine bottles), and rage (skulls). Eliminating these blocks will cause the corresponding effect, and the winner is the one who beats the opponent's strength within 40 rounds.

When eliminating a block in quadruple elimination or triple cross elimination, one of the eliminated blocks will not disappear but will become a special block, and eliminating the special block again will have a special effect. When five consecutive elimination will appear diamonds, right-click the diamond to eliminate it, also has a special effect.

The player will not be attacked in the first three rounds, but it seems that special squares will not appear either.

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