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Need for Speed No Limits
Need for Speed No Limits
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OS/Platform: PC Android Ios
Size: 59MB Version: 6.7.0
Updated: Mar 1, 2023 Developer : ELECTRONIC ARTS


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Welcome to the adrenaline-packed world of Need for Speed No Limits, an exhilarating mobile racing game developed by Firemonkeys Studios. Prepare to rev your engines and unleash your inner speed demon as you immerse yourself in high-octane street racing action. Push the limits of your skills and customize your dream cars to dominate the underground racing scene. Get ready to leave your rivals in the dust and become the ultimate street racing champion!

Need for Speed No Limits entices players with its intense street racing experience and a captivating storyline. The game offers an extensive collection of licensed cars from top manufacturers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche, allowing you to race in style. Engage in thrilling race events, unleash nitro boosts, and outmaneuver your opponents in adrenaline-fueled pursuits. The thrill of customizing your rides to perfection and conquering challenging races keeps players hooked for hours on end.

In Need for Speed No Limits, players can explore a variety of engaging game modes, from Underground, Tournament, to Special Events. The game's graphics are visually stunning, with meticulously detailed car designs and realistic urban environments. Experience heart-pounding street races at night, enhanced by dynamic lighting effects that heighten the racing intensity. Immerse yourself in a world where every race counts, and every victory brings you closer to becoming the ultimate racing legend.

Firemonkeys Studios, the brilliant minds behind Need for Speed No Limits, have also crafted other thrilling titles. Among their creations is Real Racing 3, a critically acclaimed mobile racing game with realistic visuals and immersive gameplay. Additionally, they have developed The Sims FreePlay, a popular life simulation game that allows players to build and manage their virtual worlds. Firemonkeys Studios consistently delivers captivating gaming experiences across various genres.

Need for Speed No Limits delivers an adrenaline-fueled street racing adventure, where customization, intense races, and captivating graphics keep players coming back for more. With its diverse car collection and exciting game modes, the game guarantees endless hours of racing pleasure. So, get ready to burn rubber, rule the streets, and satisfy your need for speed in this thrilling mobile racing masterpiece!

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How to play

In Need for Speed No Limits, mastering the game strategy is crucial for dominating the underground racing world. Begin by assembling your dream garage with an array of licensed cars from prestigious manufacturers. Customize and upgrade your rides to match your racing style. Skillfully drift, nitro boost, and maneuver through tight corners to gain an edge over rivals. Participate in thrilling events, including underground races and challenging time trials, to earn reputation points and unlock new cars and upgrades. Strategize your races, perfect your timing, and rise to the top of the leaderboard to become the ultimate street racing legend.

As a street racer in Need for Speed No Limits, you embark on an exciting journey through a captivating storyline. The game offers an extensive selection of car models, each with its unique traits and strengths, allowing you to build a personalized racing fleet. Engage in adrenaline-pumping races across visually stunning urban landscapes, rendered with meticulous attention to detail. Progress through multiple levels, face tougher opponents, and unlock rare cars to enhance your collection. As you climb the ranks, join forces with a crew, and compete in crew battles for additional rewards and reputation.

The most challenging aspect of Need for Speed No Limits lies in the intense police pursuits. Dodge roadblocks, outmaneuver aggressive cop cars, and strategically use nitro boosts to evade capture. Mastering the art of drifting and handling becomes crucial in escaping the relentless police chase. Moreover, some of the high-stakes races demand perfect execution of skills, precision, and split-second decision-making to outpace skilled opponents. Endurance and perseverance are essential to overcome tough challenges and secure your position as the undisputed king of underground racing.

In conclusion, Need for Speed No Limits offers an exhilarating racing experience that requires a blend of strategy, skill, and determination to succeed. With its diverse car collection, engaging storyline, and challenging gameplay, the game keeps players engrossed in their pursuit of racing glory. So, buckle up, take control of the wheel, and pave your way to the top of the underground racing world in this thrilling mobile racing adventure.

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