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SuperCity: My Town Life Sim
SuperCity: My Town Life Sim
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 62.91 MB Version: 1.35.2
Updated: Dec 2, 2020 Developer : Playkot LTD


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Welcome to city builder's paradise! SuperCity: My Town Life Sim have fun and turn your most ambitious building dreams into reality!

Build everything you want! Over 1000 unique buildings and decorations will help you create your own super city. Cozy cafes, luxury villas, fountains, playgrounds and more!

Here in SuperCity: My Town Life Sim, you need to plan ahead and build all kinds of buildings on top of a new plot of land. Among them, the buildings can generate the corresponding gold coins in a certain period of time, as well as some props that will help you in your task, in order to help you develop the city better.

There's always plenty to do in the mayor's office: build beautiful homes for your citizens, organize a reality TV show, make friends with Superzilla's loving mom and her adventurous little boy, help aliens repair their spaceship, arrange a beach volleyball match* harvest exotic fruits on the farm, visit your friends... ...and much more! Turn your town into a shiny metropolis and share the secrets of your success with your neighbors! Special features: Beautiful graphics, great colors and style, super variety of unique buildings and decorations, charming characters and fun missions, real life monuments to decorate your town , you can play with friends and help each other to make your town a dream world for shopaholics, foodies and party people or everyone!

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How to play

SuperCity: My Town Life Sim is very simple to play: you start with a town with two or three houses and a road running through the middle, start building buildings to increase the population and build more and more houses as the demand increases. You will start with some basic buildings like houses, farms, restaurants, and workshops. These buildings require money and infrastructure to maintain. As your city expands, you will need more resources to help it continue to grow, while unlocking new buildings, acquiring more land, and completing different missions along the way.

SuperCity: My Town Life Sim in which you build a city from scratch, using your heart, sweat and tears to plan and build buildings.

Create a beautiful city or farm for yourself. Just over 1000 unique buildings and decorations are available to help you build big cities. Cozy cafes, luxury villas, waterfall springs, playgrounds, farms and much more. Combine the scenery of your city from all over the world, turn your town into a glorious metropolis and share the secrets of success with your neighbors.

In this city called "the wildest architectural dream", not only has a cozy coffee shop, luxury villas, cargo port and event plaza and other familiar construction, but as players level up, you will also unlock the dinosaur Superzilla. Even ...... you need to help the aliens to fix their spaceship and so on.

It's a very fun and addictive game that will keep you busy for hours, building your own city from scratch. It also has excellent graphics.

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